This 4 Week challenge is a great jump off point if you are new to the site and my style of workouts.  This challenge initially started as a 28 day challenge that I put on through quite a few of my personal Facebook friends.  The majority of people that took on the 28 day challenge dropped close to 10 lbs in just 28 days!!!  The biggest winner dropped 17.2 lbs of the course of 4 weeks!

The results speak for themselves, but the beauty in this training block is that you get ultimately set up for success.  Not only do you get the workouts that ease you into the training, but you also get a detailed example meal plan for what to eat and when.  Beyond that, I even give you product sku numbers for what to buy if you choose to go with the example plan.  Heck, you can even use the product numbers to order at Walmart and have them bring it out to your car!!! How easy is that?!?!?  The only thing I can’t do for you is put in the work.  That’s on you.  I will admit that some of the product numbers may have changed since we developed the plan, so you may have to adjust if you plan to order online and have it brought to your car, but you are still getting a ton of specific information that also takes portion size into account.

I will give an advanced warning that as you look at the macro nutrient count they do at first glance appear to be pretty low (from a calorie standpoint).  Keep in mind that this is just an example plan.  I have eaten like this and still do quite regularly with great results.  If you feel that you don’t have enough energy throughout the day, you can always increase your portion sizes to meet your specific needs.  Daily recommended calories for the average American according to the USDA are 1600-2400 calories for women and 2000-3000 for men.  This example plan falls below that, but the suggestions from the USDA are for maintaining a healthy weight.  To lose weight, we need to be a caloric deficit.  If you feel that the deficit is too low for you to maintain, then please increase portion sizes to what you and your doctor feel comfortable with.  Although I would suggest staying with the same basic foods as outlined in the plan.  The foods recommended are clean whole foods that will help you feel satiated while still staying in a caloric deficit.

This program is a great starting point because not only do I ease you into the training, but it starts to teach you about how to eat and what your body responds to.  Once you complete this 4 week program, it sets you up to jump into one of the other programs on the site!  As always, if you have any questions, never hesitate to let me know! Click the image below to get started!